Life is short - enjoy it!


With this motto in mind, founder Maya Bachmann decided to give tea back the elegance and prestige it once enjoyed. Because you can drink tea anywhere, but isn't it nicer to relax in an elegant atmosphere, exchange the latest gossip with friends over a delicious piece of cake and taste the aromas of our carefully picked teas? Drinking tea is a ceremony that UMAMI has been celebrating since it opened in spring 2014. We have made it our goal to share our fascination with tea and its culture with you. Those who are our guests will soon discover that tea drinking is by no means a routine act to be performed only in case of fever and cough; tea drinking is part of a thousand-year-old tradition that has received a breath of fresh air with UMAMI. With lovingly selected porcelain, matching the respective tea, we would like to bring you closer to this fascinating culture sip by sip. Enjoy your soothing cup of tea in UMAMI's tea salon and keep your mind and body fit all year round.