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Darjeeling First Flush (Flight Tea)

Darjeeling First Flush (Flight Tea)

CHF 16.50Price

In the Darjeeling First Flush, only the newest leaves and buds of the tea plant are picked in spring.

These early leaves are usually more tender and therefore lighter, more floral, fresher and more lively in taste. To preserve the spring leaf flavour, First Flush Darjeeling teas are generally less oxidized during processing and may have a greener colour than a typical black tea. Darjeeling First Flush tea is one of the most valuable and expensive teas on the market. It is so special and exclusive that tea connoisseurs consider the first harvest from this region to be "champagne" among teas.

  • Origin

    India, Darjeeling

  • Taste

    Wonderfully fresh, floral character. Soft taste.

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